Promulgation of the Fall

by Dead Congregation

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g0attacus Dead Congregation's second album is a crushing, evil, riff-filled monster. It's suffocating and has a genuinely scary atmosphere at times. The production does sound a bit like you're listening to the songs through a wall though, and that severely dampers the quality of the overall album. Still very much worth picking up, as you get used to the production within a few songs and from there it's absolutely great.
8/10 Favorite track: Serpentskin.
Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye Since it's 2014 release there hasn't been any recent death metal album that compares to this beast. Favorite track: Immaculate Poison.
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xavage Je prend toute ma haine et je la met en musique. C'est cru, débridé et je me sens mieux. Favorite track: Only Ashes Remain.
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Released by Martyrdoom Productions on CD / CD Digipack
LP licensed to Norma Evangelium Diaboli
North American CD edition licensed to Profound Lore Records


released May 5, 2014

A.V. Guitars, Vocals
T.K. Guitars
V.V. Drums
G.S. Bass


all rights reserved



Dead Congregation Athens, Greece

Formed in 2004 in Athens, Greece, Dead Congregation focus on lacking aspects in today’s death metal bands/releases: feeling, spirit, atmosphere and quality. Creating darkness and blasphemy is their only goal…

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Track Name: Only Ashes Remain
Ripping my throat apart with my hands
Screaming in madness and gargling in blood
Breaking my fingernails peeling my skin off
A perfectly choreographed self hypnosis ritual

Leads: A.V. – T.K. – A.V. – T.K. – A.V.

Reality fades as eyes become white
Chants are sung backwards and louder
Red velvet soaked in blood drowns the words that were written
Figures come forth from the waves on the wall

A tongue of fire slithers down my head
Burning all that is conscious and real
And enlightens me until ashes and faith remain
(A.V. – T.K. – A.V.)
What I see shall be only ornaments for the Lord
What I speak shall be the praise and truth of the Lord
What I build shall become tomb for the weak and the innocent
And they will vanish, never to sow their anemic seed again
Track Name: Promulgation of the Fall
Your Kingdom ultimately collapsed
Splendor decayed by your own decrepitude
Muttered lamentations, the hopelessness of hope
Imminent submission
The Fallen Angel is rising...
Track Name: Serpentskin
Pieces of flesh cover this desert
Cursed place that hope never reached
Doglike demons sweep across the land
Where only thorns grow to shape Christ’s crown
Rivers of blood nourish the jewels of the leper king

Ribald memorial shining like fires
Shadows whisper of the thing that was forever here
Menial creatures swarm towards this damnation
To be devoured by the beasts of light

Body parts spread all around this tower
Where only legends and memories live
Of lust for carnal resurrection

Sacrificed to feed the worms
And to keep the earth warm
Under this dead pile
The soil is alive
And skin is growing,
Taking our master’s final form

Chaos: A.V.
Track Name: Quintessence Maligned
Murk of suffocation
The depths antecedent ooze
Qlippotent omniscience
Quintessence maligned

Husks discarded lurk
Neath starless pools
Cracked molds, the broken shells
Of Excremental design

Disembodied abolition
In sands preceding time
Fossils of abortion
The slough of autochthon

Smashed fragments
Menace even in the acknowledgement
Of their existence
Spiny thoughts to pierce

Lead: A.V.

The very membranes they sustain
The delicate untruth
Quagmire of pre existence
Where no separateness lies.
Track Name: Immaculate Poison
Lead: A.V.

Shades were riding the winds
Towards me, to fill my lungs
Snakes unreel from my hair
As walls crawl closer

Image blurs, stirring cauldron
Suffocating black fumes
Immaculate poison
Descent to maddening silence
Entering this sleep
Dreamless deathlike sleep

Never to return
Locked inside
Abyss eternal
Tentacles rising
From the surface of the subconscious

Leads: T.K. - A.V. – A.V.

Immense cliffs of flesh
To satisfy his lust
Forever nailed alive
Nevermore fucking Christ.

Lead: A.V.
Track Name: Nigredo
Black waves drowning the horizon
Ocean swallows ocean –
Earth and spirit flushed away
As reason disintegrates

Black waves drowning the horizon
Hounds leap forth from the waters
Each of them tearing at the throat
While waves wash the body

Black waves drowning the horizon
Admire the beauty of fear
Love the star in the dog's eye
House of the soul falls to the waves

Lead: A.V.

Black waves drowning the horizon
Overwhelming roar of elements
Wading waist-deep into fright
Plunging into infinity

Lead: A.V.

Black waves drowning the horizon
A flickering light in the depths
Sea vomits body ashore
Followed by one who walks upright
Track Name: Schisma
And from within the black lungs of desire
you betray, as you always did, yourself
From within the lungs of desire
you betray yourself once more
and that which you worshipped as god.

Death never whispered your name in the shadows,
Not out of fear, Not because you won,
but to punish and humiliate you.
The one who didn’t even deserve to die,
The absolute nothing...
Cursed to live, desiring to end.
Cursed to live, desiring to end.
Cursed to end…

On my knees I scream and beg you
to perpetuate the schism with the world of fraud and pain
and forget all your children, you so deliberately deceived and lied to;
as you walk away, the tears you cry
will be our Holy Communion

Worthless Father

And we will laugh and spit at you as you leave,
never to consider returning or looking back at us.

The tears you cry will be our Holy Communion
and with it to celebrate your final and TRUE DEATH.

All leads: A.V.
Track Name: From a Wretched Womb
Blood and ashes
Riddle of clay
From the shoulder of Man
And the womb of the whore

Image of god reversed
Eyes look inside
Holding the book
Where all pages are void

Nothing is true
Chaotic maze
Forms are dissolved
Withered by Death

Deep in the black earth
Planting the seed
With larvae and worms
To create the negative

Inferno: A.V.

Torch of truth
A burning bush
The only light
Archaic knot

Leads: T.K. - A.V.

Blood and ashes
Riddle of clay
From the shoulder of Man
And the womb of the whore

An answer with no question
An end without beginning
Eye of Satan
Lock and the key

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